Asociația Generația Verde

Protecting the environment since 2006



About us

Since 2006

We are the first Romanian NGO that addressed the topic of climate change, having collaborations with major institutions in Europe and Romania. From day one we have developed and delivered sustainable solutions for a better future.

Educational Module

M.E.L.E is a program – unique in the world,  full of activities, practical courses and games for children aged 8-15, developed by a team of our association experts. It was implemented for the first time in ROMANIA in July 2019.

CO2 Calculator

In 2009 we developed the first CO2 emission calculator in South East Europe used as a vehicle to carry out the first nationwide study to determine the individual carbon footprint.

Liga Exploratorilor

It is a project that was born in 2019, in the desire to give children passionate about nature the opportunity to learn new skills and develop character. Being held in a place with wonderful scenery, participants can enjoy the beauty of nature while making new friends and building self-confidence.


It is the 2.0 version of the computer made in 2009, which aims to help people better manage certain aspects of their daily lives by offering personalized suggestions on future investments, tasks to encourage the reduction of the carbon footprint.


Our vision

One planet

8 billion people, 8 billion dreams, one planet. So many issues that need our attention.


Evolution means technology rooted in tradition. Caring for the planet means caring for the one next to you, it means trusting the future.


Life has meaning when the baton is passed on. The care with which we protect the present means the hope of future generations.




Our mission

Our team lives the future and brings it into the present. Embracing innovative technologies, we deliver solutions for a better life in communion with nature. We create bridges between generations, aspirations and ideas. We put the small in value and the big in the light.


Partners over time

Good deeds count in heaven and donations are tax deductible 🙂 Do both!